Ahuja Ke Frame

Steel Pan

Steel pan is also one of the products that we create affectionately. The specialty of our made steel pan lies in its design & mechanical properties. You will realize a

Chicken Scale

We are a giant manufacturer and supplier of chicken scales. We supply the chicken Scales of optimum quality that could be easily fitted onto digital chicken scale. Our made chicken

Raw Material

If you are into any metal fabrication business and looking for high quality raw material, then you are in the right place. Sri Ram Industries also acts as wholesaler of

Table Top

As we understand the needs of small businesses & shopkeepers, we produce Table Top Weighing Machine at reasonable rates. Our made table top weighing machine could be used to check


Weighing scale support grills is one of the products that we make in large quality. To make it easy to handle & carry the weighing machine, grills come as a

Platform Scale

One of our products which we are proud of is platform scale. With the progress of time, our capabilities increased and we started to manufacture precise & high quality platform


As being a leading manufacturer of weighing scales, we have proficiency in making both digital & analogue weighing indicators. Our made indicators receive the details about load & display the

Chequered Plate

We are industrial experts in manufacturing high quality Chequered plates. Be informed that Chequered plates are of great importance to increase anti-slippery resistance. Actually, these are specially designed metal plates

Sri Ram Industries is a proud manufacturer of weighing scale and sheet metal cabinets in India since 1993. With the progress of time, we grew beautifully and emerged as a best industrial & weighing solution provider in India. What started in 1993 as a small manufacturing unit today has become not only an independent but also a dominant player in the Weighing equipment industry. We have total in house manufacturing capacity from welding to power coating with higher standards of quality. Our unwavering commitment for customer satisfaction & dedication for creating quality products has helped us to top the list of best weighing scale and sheet metal cabinets’ manufacturers.

Our main products & services

We are not saying that we are only weighing scale manufacturers in India. But, we can proudly say that no one can match the excellence and professionalism we bring into the development of the high quality products. Have a quick look at our main services.

  • Build & sell all types of weighing scale & sheet metal cabinets.
  • Offer repairing & maintenance services.
  • Supply both heavy & light weight measuring machines across the nation.
  • Provide spare parts of weighing scale.


In this world of uncertainties, to be in the race is not easy. Our founders realized this fact almost 26 years ago. That’s why since the inception of Sri Ram Industries (1993), we have been keeping the benefits & best interest of customers in our heart. We strive hard to match the expectation of our customers. As a result of being a customer oriented company we have gained a huge database of satisfied customers which we consider our real milestone. The trust, association & long standing business relationship we get from customers is our true award. We believe in working on ground level, creating values and producing excellence products. 


Our true strength lies in our customer-oriented business strategy, use of high quality machines (at manufacturing unit) & dedication for work held by our employees & professionals. Our expertise & strength is quite evident in our products as we are an in-house manufacturer from welding to power coating.


Keep growing our values based manufacturing by

  •  Fostering teamwork.
  •  Enhancing the capability of our expertise.
  •  Continual Improvement.
  •  Total elimination or reducing the wastages.
  •  Pollution Free & Safe Environment.


To attain the World Class Excellency by introducing & manufacturing innovative, value added products to our customers.