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Weighing scale support grills is one of the products that we make in large quality. To make it easy to handle & carry the weighing machine, grills come as a great help. At our state of the art facility, we produce grills of different shape, size and material. You can contact us for Iron, Stainless Steel and Aluminum made grills. For easy and effective grip we also sell tubular grills. In case if you need a flat shaped grill, not an issue, just let us know how many you need, we can supply it to you on time and in required quantity.

To make sure our made grills last long, we apply special coating over its surface. That surface coating is also known as galvanizing coating. We will be more than happy if we have to design & produce a grill according to your customized requirement. We guarantee the easy fitting of our made grills to your any type of weighing machines.

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