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Steel Pan

Steel pan is also one of the products that we create affectionately. The specialty of our made steel pan lies in its design & mechanical properties. You will realize a unique taste of anything that you cook in our made steel pan. The secret resides in the technology we observe at our factory while making the pans of stainless steel (high grade material). Features of even heat distribution make sure whatever you cook in it always provides you delicious taste. Strong and durability are two additional qualities that you will find in our made steel pan. 

Unique impact bottom & additional layer of Aluminum over stainless steel are next appreciable quality of our steel pan. These additional layers ensure the less time of cooking and minimum burning of food. As far as the matter of handling is concerned, our pans come with sturdy, permanent fixed and & heat resistance handles. Our made pans are fully compatible with induction & gas stove.

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